Invasion The Vengeful One (4x LRM15, 4x MG, 2x ML, XL-280, BAP)

Thread in 'MAL-1R' started by Vylon1234, Jun 30, 2019.

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    Vylon's Legendary LRM Assault! Since my entry into this game, this mech has seen it all and has never been changed or altered in any way.

    This has a lot of history and has sentimental value to me. Comes from a time where LRMs were hated to the point of people team killing anyone who brought LRMs was not uncommon nor looked down upon by the community. When I first started playing MWO, I was picked up by a start-up unit looking for veteran pilots. When the leader realized I was a beginner and that my affinity for LRMs was realized, the leader was... Disapproving of this development as he wanted to form a "competitive team". This was sad for me considering my first ever match in the mech broke 1000 damage. From that point, I set out on a mission to prove that LRMs were a viable weapon by becoming one of the best LRM Boaters in the game. If I accomplished this is subject to interpretation, but the point is, from that point on, I broke every damage barrier I set for my self. This mech currently holds my highest damage in a single mech (1934 Dmg, first drop in faction, Sadly not recorded) and allowed me to break the 4K damage barrier I set for myself in faction play (4380, see Links for details). I will tell the story upon request.

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