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    Discord Server:

    Optional: Leave a message for panzermagier or me in discord.

    (Panzermagier both streams and makes youtube videos. Viewer discretion is advised as the material is geared towards a mature audience.)


    Discord and Mic.

    18+ years of age. (Grown men and women)

    Must be flexible with advice when listening to either me or Panzermagier.

    Expect a level of mutual respect.

    All drama issues will be dealt with by the space captain.

    This is Panzer's unit, and this is a dictatorship. Panzer is a very reasonable person to work with albeit a sharp tongue.

    If you do not mind sacrificing your mech for the greater glory then you are in the right place.

    If mutual respect between all parties is not withheld it will be enforced. Refrain from dirtying our unit.

    This is not like the other units you may have experienced. We may be executing unorthodox strategies when it comes to MRBC in the future, and in faction play.

    Joining the Haakon Periphery Consortium means that you are apart of the brotherhood. You are expected to rely heavily on your unit mates.


    Hail Mechwarriors. I am, Ragnahawk. A name given to me by the Space Captain. A title that I have earned through countless battles and trials. It represents who I am. A Viking lord freed from the yoke of his liege. I am a free man now. Through the hardships that life presented I have always strived to put my best foot forward. Privateering is not a career for those of the meek or weak hearted. Though the path I tread is a dangerous one, I chose this path out of my own will. I would like to parley and call some of you, my friends. Though I am sure as a pirate lord, I will most undoubtedly make enemies. There are plenty of folks out there who will frown at my disorganized, spur of the moment personality. You can't truly be inventive inside of a cage. That is my philosophy.

    Being a mechwarrior has always been a messy business. Every contract makes a happy customer and a bitter foe. I personally specialize in my trusted hunchbacks. Old they may be, but their firepower is unrivaled in its class. With caution and some sly tricks, the battlefield is betwixt to my advantage. I take pride in the smooth operation of my mechs, their controls sensitive to my commands, just the way I like it. I consider the Space Captain to be my brother as he considers me to be his. From my dealings with Herr Captain, you will come enjoy his company... Like an acquired taste, something like bourbon maybe. Or you will find him insufferable. A wretched crazy kraven b****** offering his warband to the most vile of mankind. Being thick skinned myself, I don’t have time for folks who label anyone an enemy merely because they don’t agree. It's not personal, its just business. Us privateers like to keep an open mind here at the periphery. Even if the successor states calls us “pirates”, we are but free men doing whatever we can to put food on the table.

    I know there are pilots out there who want yearn for a free merc unit. That doesn’t always adhere to the rank and file of the successor states. Some who get really excited by what they have discovered. New inventions and battle tactics. There are pilots who simply want a man to follow that doesn't crumble under the competition. Men who are unshakable, but do not wish to lead. Who have the strength do to what must be done, but care not for the commanding.

    The Haakon Periphery Consortium is a no nonsense no drama Merc Unit, dealing in both Clan and Faction play. We’re looking to field some competitive MRBC play as well as group faction games. We appreciate both drop callers and experienced pilots. Our aim is field a comp team that is made of players who know and play the meta well, but want to attempt some… unorthodox strategies. On behalf of the Space Captain we welcome you to our unit, whether you’re interested in comp or not.

    If you want a unit that co-ordinates faction games for both clan and IS, or new wild comp team… Or you just want to hang with us pirate bunch, you are welcome to sign up. Please contact me with a pm for registration.
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    We are getting bigger and funner. Panzer is a streamer. ETC. CHYNA!

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