Team/Faction Event my Cicadas did all the work!

Thread in 'Cicada' started by poopenshire, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. poopenshire

    poopenshire Junior Member

    I posted this over on the official MWO forum, but tell me how you did standing wise and what mechs you used.

    Post as follows with link:

    I am starting this to begin discussing what mechs and tactics you used and how well you placed in your faction.

    Myself, I placed 53rd in the Merc Corps. Not as high as I wanted, but I could not play much on Sunday and dropped quite a few spots. I peaked on Saturday afternoon in 18th, and went down from there as I didn't have time to keep playing as much Saturday as I had hoped.

    I used my Cicadas for almost the entire event.





    Share how you did, and the mechs you ran. I am curious to see if bigger a mech meant bigger score.
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  2. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member

    I peaked at 12th for Kurita on Saturday and then fell back to 18th on Sunday with a score of 2086

    I used my 3L Super Chicken and my 3F Stalker.
  3. Solahma

    Solahma Star Lord


    First two days I almost exclusively used these two builds, but got tired of LRM spam so Sunday I exclusively ran with a Raven Super Chicken (variation). Had a couple good games in the Jager and Banshee (~4 kills ~6 assists and ~1200 damage). But my best 2 games were in my Raven, both of which were very similar (6 Kills 6 Assists and 1100-1200 damage) both of which I was the last mech left, running for my life, while dividing up the remaining enemy mechs to core them out. 1 was on Canyon Network, the other was on Tera Therma, both were extremely well played games by myself, but also my team.

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  4. poopenshire

    poopenshire Junior Member

    Brilliant running with that Raven, I have almost the same build, I have less heat sinks for a larger engine and a TAG. I run max engine because I want the speed for using the TAG.

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  5. Durandal

    Durandal Min-Max Maniac

    I was pretty high up for Kurita the first day, but then was too busy to put in many games until right before it ended :( That said, my X5 did all the work for me...had about 20 stellar games in a row where, even though we lost, I did well over 700-800 damage a game.

    Sadly, it wasn't enough ;)
  6. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    didn't run Cicadas, because i don't play them often, just for fun purposes. The Mechs which i ran were the followings:

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  7. poopenshire

    poopenshire Junior Member


    Did better this event.

    Ran my CDA-X5 more often than not, but also my BLR-1S and my CTF-IM.

    The X5 was my bread and butter.

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