TDR-9SE Serious Special Lite (2x PPC, 1x LLas, 2x MPLas, JJ, XL300)

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    An energy-based spin on the Serious Special, I call it the "Serious Special Lite" because it's TECHNICALLY only 29 points of damage if you use 2 PPCs and a Large Laser, but still does a great amount of damage.

    Play the Serious Way and add jump jets! Stay on the second line for your team, don't draw too much attention to yourself, and put your pinpoint alpha where you want it, when you want it, with added survivability thanks to the 4 Jump Jets! Trade the PPCs to Medium Pulse Lasers when targets get too close for better heat management, and don't forget to twist to to right so your left arm soaks damage for free!

    XLs don't come recommended by me for Thunderbolts; their side torsos attract a lot of fire, which can make them extremely hardy Mechs. But if you play the fire support role like I do and stay away from the center of attention, you shouldn't be taking too much damage.

    1) PPCs
    2) Large Laser
    3) Medium Pulses
    4) PPCs on Chain Fire for when heat is too high.

    Alt. Config A-

    Serious Special, Barbeque Edition. Not advised, but if you know how to manage your heat (these got me up to 75% in a single shot), it gives you a solid 30 points of damage all focused from one side, which you can effectively peak around corners with. DO NOT ALPHA FIRE WITH THIS ABOVE 40% HEAT OR SO. Chain fire beyond that point for better heat management. Coolshot recommended.
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