TDR-5S Serious Special (2x PPC, 1x AC/10, 1x MLas, XL280)

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    I have been struggling with the Thunderbolt since Phoenix dropped, and then realized why: I WASN'T PLAYING MY PLAYSTYLE! I mean, just look at my signature! I call it "The Serious Special" because it's how I build every single one of my mechs!

    You know the Serious Drill by now: Stay back on the second line or farther, and throw 30 points of pinpoint alpha where you want it to go, when you want it. Let everyone else distract the enemy while you take opportunistic shots at vulnerable side torsos, rear armor, and limbs.

    XL engines aren't recommended in the Thunderbolt due to just how hardy it is, and how likely you are to lose a side torso. But if you play it right, by not being the center of attention and appearing as unthreatening as possible, you should be making a difference in the battlefield without taking much damage!

    1) AC/10 (left click for me, since it's on my left arm)
    2) PPCs
    3) MLas
    4) PPCs chain-fired when heat is high.

    The Medium laser is mostly for sweeping lights that may be running too close; you aren't likely to score any kills with it, but it generates little heat and ensures you get the credit for a kill assist.

    Alt. Config A-

    Considering how much protection one medium laser is against lights, this trades out the MLas and half a ton of armor to put in an XL300. More speed for better positioning. You could safely trade a heatsink or the AMS for an additional ton of AC/10 ammo.
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