Casual TBT-7K "Hybrid Hunchback" (1xAC10, 1xPPC, 1xLPPC, XL295)

Thread in 'TBT-7K' started by CarloArmato, May 15, 2019.

  1. CarloArmato

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    Combining PPC with LPPC for better slot efficiency (they behave identically, so if you fire them togheter you won't notice any difference and will behave like a single HPPC) and AC10 for additional alpha and sustained DPS.

    2 tons of ammo could look a bit few, but they are worth 54 shots with full skills, so they are worth ~ 1:30 of uninterruped dakka with full cooldown skills... They are enough, trust me.

    The only big downside is the projectile speed discrepancy between PPC (1320 m/s including quirks) and AC10 (1100 m/s), but it's not that bad compared to a HPPC + GR build (2000 m/s)... Speaking of which, you are trading 5 damage alpha strike (25 vs 30) for better maximum DPS (9.91 vs 6.75)

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