TBR-WAR "The Crusader" (1xcLBX20, 4xcERSL, 2xcSRM6+A, TC1)

Thread in 'Warrant Builds' started by Tango Foxtrot, Mar 12, 2017.

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    If you purchased the Clan Hero Mech Timber Wolf TBR-WAR "Warrant", you probably felt the same as I did after trying it out for a while, i.e., underwhelmed. Sure, the left arm ballistic hard point is nice, but there were no multi ballistic builds that were viable. There was of course the dual UAC5's, but the TBR-PRIME already did that better with each in the high mount L/R torsos. Plus, the damn thing didn't even come with jump jets. And if you added the left torso 'S' module to get a pair of jump jets with the least amount of negative quirks, you gave up a pretty decent 8 piece omnipod bonus, i.e,:

    turn rate: 10%
    XP bonus: 2.5%
    ballistic cooldown: 5%
    lbx cooldown: 5%
    missle cooldown: 10%

    After some tinkering, I finally found a truly viable build that plays pretty well, keeping the 8 piece omnipod bonus, w/o jump jets. Yeah, it took a bit of getting used to, as the play style is different than the Timbers with the jump jets. Just play this WAR variant like any other land locked heavy, the EBJ for example.

    The bonus quirks are significant. A 10% turn rate makes this thing feel like it turns on a dime, and torso twisting is noticeably quicker and easier than the other builds. Also, since I went with the lbx-20's in the left arm ballistic hard point, it gets a 10% total ballistic cooldown. It also gets a 10% missle cooldown applied to the dual srm6 artemis. Since your lbx-20 and the srm's already get a cooldown bonus, you can pick the c-er-small-laser range module. And with the TC-1, that's a total of 14% range on the small lasers giving it a max range of 410.4 meters. That's important, because although the max range of the lbx-20's are 720 meters, the optimal range is 360m. So that being said, you now can effectively engage both your lbx's and small lasers, as long as you get within 400m. Since you're pushing out the max range of the small lasers, if you're fighting at 360 meters, your lasers are now doing full damage, as opposed to it being at it's max range and maybe only doing less than optimal damage. Once you get under 270 meters of course, you can unload with a couple alpha strikes including the srm's w/o overheating since going with the smaller lasers provides a heat efficiency of 1.31. Not bad at all.

    Any rate, after getting used to playing it a bit differently than the typical Timbers w/ jump jets, this turned out to be a pretty fun and so far fairly effective build, as you can see in the video below, getting 3 kills and acheiving the high score and high damage for that match:

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    I know this is a pretty old build, but being the only Warrant I seen in this section I gave it a try. I have hit 600+ every game and just had my second 1000 damage game in this mech.

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    Very similar to the boom wolf, but with the 8/8 omnipod quirks getting you agility. I can get behind this. It also has NONE of the heat problems of the boom wolf and doesn't lose that much alpha.

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