Casual TBR-PRIME "Quirked instant damage" (2xclpl, 2xcsrm6, 1xclbx10)

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    Thimberwolf was one of the most nerfed in the game (low acceleration). But Prime has good quirks. So Timber is not good for sniper combat, lrms are bad; he's just a reasonable brawler yet. Solution: make him a midrange / brawler with weaponry that delivers damage quickly (and after hides ). The 2 clpl have good cooldown and range (gamma), 2 csrm6 (2.5 tons of ammunition) without arthemis are light and cheap !, 1 clbx10 (1.5 ton of ammunition) complement the arsenal. With the sound mod Haven the noise of the weapons is very pleasant !!
    Important Skills: coolrun (3), extra magazine (1), survival (half), laser duration (4), mobility (almost full).
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