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Thread in 'Commando' started by FallguySoldier, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. enileph

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    That, and Jenner D can have exactly the same build, or more, with the option of fielding instead 2x SRM4 or 2x SSRM2.
    The only way Jenner K can have any advantage depends on the extra module. If the module change fucks this up them, the K would be totally screwed.
  2. Briz

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    There is no mech like the commando.
    All the other lights feel like a brick in comparisson, the only exception being locust.
    But locust is too light so has to carry THREE heatsinks and has no real arms.

    Commando is the real light mech experience. Learn to make it dance and you'll think gauss canons deal no damage (except when they hit :p )
  3. Midnite7175

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    Like most other light Mechs... the COM is one of a kind.
    Of course u can compare it with other lights, but the experience of piloting it, is very different.
    It's agility is almost unappreciated by most pilots due to the lack of JJ's.

    Me? I like it better than the SDR.
  4. Roosterfish

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    If you want to watch an instructional video on how to play a Commando just watch "Big Trouble in Little China'. The Commando is Jack Burton.

    So when the Man asks, 'Have you paid your dues'?
    You know to answer, 'Yes Sir, the check is in the mail'.

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