Casual SNS-D 'Streak Sneak' (5x cSSRM6, CAP, TC1, ECM)

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    Maybe not the best streakboat (the Huntsman is pretty mean with 6xSSRM6 + jump jets on the Pakhet), but if you have the Sunspider pack and are looking for builds, this can be an effective streakboat in the right situation.

    Do not chainfire except in situations where you have an enemy mech completely exposed and in the open. If there is any possibility of the enemy mech getting to cover, alpha strike.

    For skills, I recommend max range, cooldown, high explosive, ECM nodes, target decay, double UAV, double artillery, and mobility.

    TTB showing how it is done:
  2. Fun build.

    I might load it up with ammo for Faction Play. You can alpha strike quite a bit before worrying about groups or chainfiring.

    With the ammo count and damage spread all over, definite high damage per match potential.
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