Casual SMN-P "Lermski Mk2" (1x cLRM20, 4x cHML, cTAG, CAP)

Thread in 'Summoner Omni Builds' started by Throet, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Throet

    Throet Active Member

    An upgrade of skribs' original "Lermski" including new Omnipods and Weapons.

    Using the FL torso allows you to put the Tag laser on a high mount, so you can peek and LRM more effectively. Then, I replaced the 3x MPL with 4x HML. You gain range, and punch, and then you can also stack a couple of extra heat sinks, which help the LRMs as much as they help the lasers.
  2. Tank the Frank

    Tank the Frank Benefactor

    Would it not work/synchronize better with an ATM12? Especially with the jump capability of the summoner.
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