Casual SMN-M "Cancer" (4xLRM10, NARC, 2xAMS, )

Thread in 'Summoner Omni Builds' started by Rosinante, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Rosinante

    Rosinante Junior Member

    I call this "Cancer" whenever there is a event take this thing out and kill them with there own weapons.
    Build is nothing special just a jump,narcing LRM Boat with double AMS, but im having a lot of fun with it.

  2. Morkeleb

    Morkeleb New Member


    This is a similar variant that I run with fairly decent success. Considered getting a NARC, but I've found that with patience and a good scout on your team makes up for it. I can average about 3-4 kills per match on a good day while providing decent anti-missile coverage. Heat management is a non-issue until the LAMS starts really going, and I prefer to chain fire for accuracy over volume unless I have a good line of sight.

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