SMN-B "Missle Spammer!" (5x cSRM6+A, 5x JJ)

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Thread in 'Summoner Omni Builds' started by WhoopieMonster, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. WhoopieMonster

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    Hi peeps!

    Supprised to not see this build floating around here. Did a quick search and turned up nothing, but feel free to merge if it already exists.

    With the addition of quirks this build becomes slightly more scary!

    Quirk Summary
    • Additional Structure Right Torso +8
    • Additional Structure Left Leg +15
    • Additional Structure Right Leg +15
    • SRM Velocity 4%
    • LRM Velocity 4%
    • LRM Spread -8%
    • SRM Spread -8%
    • Missile Weapon Velocity 2%
    • Acceleration 20%
    • Deceleration 20%
    • Reverse Speed 10%
    • Speed Modifier 5%
    • Arm Pitch Speed 5%
    Gets you there and back again a little quicker with faster, tighter grouping on the missiles. Uses the prime RT for greater acceleration and deceleration.

    Feedback welcome!

    Edit: Updated the quirks list.
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  2. Proximo

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    Pretty neat build
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  3. The Verge

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    Title Fixed.
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  4. Remarius

    Remarius Star Lord

    Mmh very nice: 3 kills, 4 assists and 422 damage on my first trip out with this. No xp on the chassis going in. The short range takes some getting used to but as soon as you get into firing range its impressive. I'm using the C CT but functionally the same build and using no surprise radar dep and range/cool down modules for the ASRM 6's.
  5. Remarius

    Remarius Star Lord

    Extremely solid build that racks up components like nothing. Example of results:


    14 crits across 9 targets.... and just basics + speed tweak!

    Not had a match I haven't got kills in yet so an absolute joy to play.
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  6. Nev12

    Nev12 New Member

    Just bought it and tried this today.

    It's great, far more fun than my streakdog, especially since nobody expects a summoner anyway. :D
  7. Flokoloko

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  8. Ghastly

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    SMN-B "Hunter-Killer" (6xcSRM6+A)

    While not especially durable compared to many of the favourite brawlers, this Summoner build makes for a fantastic heavy striker, using its mobility and alpha to get an initial advantage on anything even remotely vulnerable. A smaller or squishier mech, an assault or heavy that peeled off because of an open center torso, a brawler whose back is turned as he focuses on your teammate, all are pretty good targets for a build like this. As is true of all "striker" builds, however, you do not want get into a stand-up, fair fight against a dedicated brawler like a Warhammer; if you don't leverage your mobility to get some early, overwhelming advantage to make such a fight unfair, you will lose that fight very quickly.

    The main appeal of this compared to similar mechs and builds is how pinpoint the spread of its SRM6s are. Even before Missile Spread skill nodes, the spread of its SRMs is very tight, and almost all of the 60-damage alpha is going to the same component. Five SRM6s do suffer ghost heat, but it's such a small amount of extra heat that you can reasonably alpha every shot and not have to worry about it much. If you do start running hot, you can fire just the arm-mounted ones (which you should have a weapon group for anyway!) until you've cooled off.

    I have also seen this occasionally in Solaris 1v1, where it can use the terrain on some maps to pop-tart and dump an alpha into a target with very little retaliation. I have seen it kill targets that should have easily won such a fight, though I haven't run it in Solaris myself.


    The Summoner's locked slots and lack of endo-steel don't give you very much wiggle-room with the build, unfortunately. Mostly, you can play around with heat sinks and ammo, and I would definitely remove a heat sink for an extra ton of ammo (in the right arm, in case you lose the left torso) while you're skilling up the mech. For Solaris, you can reasonably remove some ammo for some extra heat sinks to let you play more aggressively.

    While you can run this build with the SMN-B Left Torso, you really shouldn't. Its only quirks are to Narc and AMS. I recommend either the C Left Torso for -5% Missile Cooldown and structure, or the Prime Left Torso for +5% Missile Velocity and -10% SRM Spread. I personally use the Prime for the reduced spread, playing to the build's strengths better.

    The Summoner is often compared (very unfavorably, I might add, and for fairly good reason) to the Huntsman. The Huntsman has more pod-space for the same top speed, and for a similar build you can pack 6 SRM6+A without the hero variant. Three points in the Summoner's favor, though, the Summoner is a bit tankier, the missile spread is much tighter, it doesn't have to avoid ghost heat, and it actually turns, twists and decelerates faster than the Huntsman. I think the Huntsman makes for a better corner-peeker and brawling medium because of the additional SRM6 and you can get a better distribution of ammo, but for this kind of hunter-killer used to assassinate hurt heavies and assaults, I think the Summoner performs better because of the tighter spread and it can dump the 60-point alpha all at once repeatedly.


    As on all my missile-focused mechs, I ran the left side of the Firepower tree. You especially want to beeline for the Missile Rack nodes as ammo gets very tight in quick-play. Missile Spread is also great as it tightens up the build's already-tight spread further. I also focus on Cooldown and Heat Gen heavily, to help with the mech's DPS.

    I can't tell you how many times the Survival tree has been the difference between getting the kill and getting killed, and I usually pick 32 nodes on close-range mechs. While the build twists very quickly as it is, I picked some points in Mobility to make it even faster, to shield an open side torso better. If the Summoner's surprisingly limited torso yaw bugs you, you might want to spend a few points picking up Torso Yaw 2 and 4.

    If you use the jump jets on this build a lot, you might want to pick up the Jump Jet tree. I don't usually pop-tart in this build, so I skipped this tree. I do, however, always pick up at least one node of Seismic Sensor and Radar Deprivation, and I even picked up an additional point of Radar Dep with a leftver point. I just love the extra information the two give you, and for a mech that's supposed to be somewhat sneaky like this breaking locks just a little faster is really helpful.

    Finally, with some leftover points, I put a few into Auxiliary to skill up airstrikes/artillery a little. They can really help in close-range builds, as it lets you do something before the teams close.
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  9. ShooterMcGavin80

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    This is a 5-star build, naasty.

    This and 5xSSRM6 are both excellent.

    That is a pro tip right there, definitely use the Prime left torso.
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