Casual SHD-2D2 "Brawl seeker" (1xAC10, 4xSRM2, 2xJJ, LE295)

Thread in 'SHD-2D2' started by CarloArmato, May 29, 2019.

  1. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier


    Good ammo count, good cooling, good speed, empty shield arms, 2xJJ for improved maneuverability and to overcome slopes or jump out of a valley, good sync between AC10 and SRM2 (SRM2 have slightly faster cooldown), no waste of tonnage in Artemis because SRM2 are quite precise even without that upgrade.
    Overall it seems very solid, despite the not-very-good hitboxes for a brawl

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