SHC-P "BlackStar" 2xATM9 3xcERuSL

Thread in 'Shadow Cat Builds' started by KarbonKopy, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. KarbonKopy

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    Packing dual ATM-9's as the primary weapon with the micro ER small lasers as backups, this build packs a good punch. Using the ECM and the awesome speed and maneuverability of the 'mech, I've used this as a skirmisher and harasser with huge success. Flank the enemy and you should be able to pick off one of the slow assaults, darting and jumping around to avoid taking too much damage. Plenty of ammo for the ATM's, though constant alphas can drive up the heat a bit.

    *Couldn't edit thread title, but it should be: SHC-Prime "BlackStar" (2xATM9, 3xcERuL, ECM)

    Put up some darn decent numbers with this build right out of the gate, screen shot below was my first match in it. Been having a great deal of fun with this.

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  2. renzor51

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    Here's my take on it. I'll be doing this with my 2019 Halloween Special Shadow Cat. ATM ammo's a little light. It'll need those ammo nodes. Note that you can save tonnage by putting one ATM in the ST, and there's a left arm omnipod (H) that will give you 20 armor, leaving you free to totally strip it.


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