Casual SCR-Prime "Warwubwormbird" (2xcERLL, 10xcuPL, cTC1)

Thread in 'Stormcrow Omni Builds' started by krevLL, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. krevLL

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    The ERLLs are actually there as ballast. I mean, if you want to stay back and use them you can, feel free. They're useful if you're stuck on Alpine or Polar and you can't get close. Otherwise, this is a straight up knife fighter.

    May update with skills after I actually put some on this mech. Currently at 18 in operations.

    @CarloArmato I can confirm that using the 10xuPLs on a somewhat quick platform works very well sometimes.


    **Edited for CAMO**

    Make angry face to terrify the poor souls you knife fight!

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  2. Shock

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    9 kills, 0 assists? Holy crap. If you shot it, you killed it.

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