RFL-IIC "Triple Hop" (3xERPPC, TC4, CLAP, 3xJJ, XL235)

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    This is going to be a weird mech. I've found ERPPC's to be more reliable than clan lasers lately. These Rifleman are glassy, you want to keep the bad guys far away and keep your exposure time as low as possible. 10% Range quirk and high hardpoints = potentially a good PPC platfrom.

    Max engine rating for a blistering 58.5 kph. Max jump jets to hopefully get you into a hard to access peak position, and/or for limited pop tart usage. TC4 and CLAP for velocity, range, and sensor range boosts. Heat management of 56% isn't too bad at all, you should be able to keep those PPC's popping pretty rapidly.

    If it is like the inner sphere Rifleman 5D, you may have to insert additional energy weapons in to 'push' the ERPPC's up to the highest hardpoints. If so I will be using ERuL's:

    Heat management without the ERuL's is 53%, which isn't bad when fully skilled. You should be able to keep those PPC's popping pretty well. Your call on whether or not it is worth it to get the highest hardpoints for your PPC's in exchange for a little heat management.
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    Post skill-up report: not terrible, not great. I dabbled with several 4xLPL builds before coming back to this triple ERPPC build. The 4xLPL build is hot and while the burn duration isn't bad it is still pretty long, long enough for you to take enough return fire to ruin your day. The wide arms mean you have to expose most of your mech to get your full burn. Going L arm R arm with ERPPC's makes you a much better side peaker and gives you better ability to shoot around teammates. The 4xERuL give you a decent up-close option if something has a critical open component and you don't want to spend the 14.5 heat of an ERPPC shot to take it out.

    Final version:

    And skills:

    For the Beast Mode people, it looks like it is possible to run quad ERPPC on this too:

    The quad ERPPC will be superior, IF the enemy can be kept at a standoff distance and the map is cold.

    Other Triple ERPPC mechs in the clan mechbay for comparison, which possibly do it better, but are comparable:

    (nice jump jet quirks, but no PPC quirks)

    (10% PPC velocity quirk, + ECM)

    (+15% PPC velocity)

    (+1 HSL ERPPC - only one that can actually alpha the trip PPC's)
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