Casual RFL-IIC-4 "Stock improved" (2xcATM12, 2xcLPL, TC1, 3xJJ, cXL235)

Thread in 'RFL-IIC-4' started by CarloArmato, May 25, 2019.

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    Medium to long range LPL laser to soften up target and desperate close range backup weapon, 2xATM12 and maximum JJs for short range poptarting.

    This is possibly the best compromise between full ATM and ATM + MPLs because you have a nice +10% range combined with -10% pulse laser heat, so your LPL can actually be spammed at range and can still pack some punch especially at medium range.

    Be carefull that alpha strike is really hot, so don't be too much trigger happy with LPLs if you are shooting the ATMs.
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