Reason for Summoner C?

Thread in 'Summoner' started by Remarius, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Remarius

    Remarius Star Lord

    Ok possibly I'm being dense but does the Summoner C have a single usable advantage?

    The hardpoints don't seem to be any better except for the extra energy slot in the right arm (which would cost you the 10% cooldown quirk on the prime arm )and the quirks are far worse as the only interesting one (15% ballistic heat gen) causes you to lose the 10% ballistic cooldown bonus (also on the prime).

    I've been playing a lot with setups and can't find a single setup you can meaningfully do better than the c-bill variants can.

    What am I missing?
  2. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    UNLESS the quirks coming up is good, there is no reason to get this. (I don't run stock pieces of shit, and the omnipods are either useless or repeats.)
  3. Durandal

    Durandal Min-Max Maniac

    IMO, the Summoner is most dangerous with missile weapons attached (SRMs or LRMs)...unless the SMN-C gets missile quirks instead, I intend on just ignoring it.
  4. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member

    @Remarius post here provoked some strings of intelligence in my brain. It started the neurons firing up from what has been a rather brain dead week for me in terms of MWO. I even broke out pen and paper and started putting ideas down for this mech. Surely PGI must have had a reason for making it right?

    Not that I can find. Seriously, I couldn't find a reason. I don't play Clan mechs but I would have thought that this would be redundant? Maybe there is a quirk pass coming for Clan-Cans but until then this is one more floater in a sea of turds.
  5. Remarius

    Remarius Star Lord

    Yeah I'm not being sarcastic or odd I'm just genuinely puzzled as neither the quirks nor the hardpoints make sense.

    The DWF I get as it has the JJ, the Nova has the Torso energy for dual ER PPC poptarting and the Warhawk has the CT Energy. Even the Adder has a ballistic arm (not that I can see what you can do with it really).

    The Summoner though?
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  6. Gasboy

    Gasboy Advanced Member

    As it stands right now, the C variant is superfluous.
  7. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    My guess is they fuk up with the weapon hardpoints?
    But seems not the case. 3x energy on the right arm would have done the trick.
    Better if there is torso energy.
  8. Throet

    Throet Active Member

    Currently, it appears to me as though the -C Right Arm Omnipod is probably the only really useful part of the -C variant, as it provides a -5% Laser Duration modifier, which is pretty massive when paired with some of the extremely long burning Clan lasers.

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