Ravenclaw - 2ML+4SL Electronic Melee Warfare

Thread in 'Raven' started by Toastygawa, Nov 23, 2019.

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    The Raven has some good benefits, but the stock model is made of glass, Jenner-style. This build is more survivable and uses support hardpoints to make it effective in melee, but it doesn't have the endurance of the Firestarter in this role. Keep Evasion up by kicking mech targets on alternating opposite sides of the engagement zone.


    Note: the Heat Efficiency rating isn't accurate for this mech's use. The MLs can fire all day on approach, and the SLs firing in melee won't build heat, either. Using everything at once for jumping in to land an alpha strike to an enemy's backside will certainly spike your heat, though.

    Pros: More survivable than stock, good damage potential in melee, keeps the Raven's ECM ability in your lance.
    Cons: Still thin skinned for a melee mech, hits like a spider on the way in.

    This build shown with standard gear. Upgraded SLs and MLs are welcome in the left torso, since you'll likely protect it to keep that stealth up.

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