Meme QKD-IV "Hokuto no Mecha" (2xLBX10, 2xSRM2, XL290) + ALT (LE265)

Thread in 'IV-Four' started by CarloArmato, Apr 23, 2019.

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    How to exploit -20% ballistic and missile cooldown: fit one of the highest RoF weapons in the game, chain fire everything and pretend to be Ken Shiro.

    With maximum ammo skills, you should have enough ammo to for 1:30 of uninterrupted fire.

    On a side note, dual MRM30 is probably better as a hugger / pedo-mech, but dual LBX10 (and even SRM2, now that I think about it) has better "pinpoint-ish" at range (plus you have an XL engine, so you should be hugging nobody in the first place). Keep your 100-250 meters and you should be fine.

    ALT: LE 265 version, but your head has little to no armor is an easily exploitable pressure point
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