PXH-KK “Baksheesh” (LB5X, 4xMPLs, 2JJs, XL280)

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    I tried a similar combination of MPLs and LB5X on a Hunchback, and figured this will be great fun on the Kuroi Kiri with the PXH’s JJs, boosted accelerations and general enhanced mobility.

    LB5X is usually not a great weapon, but in this combination it adds very cold damage to the MPLs (alpha like 5 MPLs). At MPL ranges the scatter pattern is still very condensed (tighter than LB10X) and add a lot of crits to opened components. It also fires twice as fast as MPL if you just hold the fire button.

    I don’t own this mech yet, I post this to remember the build, though I am pretty sure it will work (tested a 3MPL version on the PXH-3S).

    To my understanding, “Kuroi Kiri” is an expression that refers to bribery or corruption in Japanese - hence the name “Baksheesh” which is a similar thing.
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