Protector Protector++ (1x Gauss, 1x PPC, 2x SRM6A, 2x MLas, XL300)

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    What I've been running in my Protector recently. It takes the same general idea of the Protector stock provided by Kerensky himself, and upgrades it to fit a more modern battlefield (where Ferro-Fibrous offers no additional protection...).

    The big CT gives room for a fairly safe XL engine, giving room for additional Artemis-bonused SRMs, more ammo for the Gauss, and better overall cooling while maxing out the armor.

    1) MLas
    2) Gauss
    3) PPC
    4) SRMs

    The idea behind this Mech is to use the Gauss and PPC together to engage at medium to long ranges. It takes some practice to get used to, but you'll be able to let go of the Gauss shot and fire the PPC together in short order, providing 25 points of damage wherever you want it out to some pretty extreme ranges. When the fighting gets close, you've got enough combined firepower with the Medium Lasers, SRMs, and the Gauss to make sure your target regrets getting anywhere within spitting distance, all while keeping cool.

    Weaknesses include the Gauss itself being fairly fragile, so careful use of torso twisting to roll damage is necessary to ensure survival. That, or play at a good second-line or fire-support range where you're not the center of attention, which is where the Protector really shines.
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