Pirate's Bane "Final Fortune" (4xSPL, 2xMG, Stealth, XL180)

Thread in 'Pirates' Bane' started by Grabthar's Hammer, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. Grabthar's Hammer

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    I got a PB just for the stealth, and, after tinkering with various builds this is the one I settled on.

    It's an extremely high risk high reward build (hence the name). I either get +600 damage or <100 in a given match.

    The SPL and MG allow for pretty decent DPS with very low heat generation. You can even engage in prolonged skirmishes while in stealth.

    With the stripped amour and point blank engagement range you want to always avoid any kind of frontal attack.

    Biggest draw back is that with the smaller engine you want to avoid tangling with other lights as they tend to be a bit quicker than you, or if they are running a similar engine they will likely be better armoured. Instead you should seek out isolated Heavies and Assaults.

    The build works best by babysitting your own Heavy and Assaults early on in the fight and then once the engagement is underway finding and killing out of position mechs.

    Proof of Concept in both defeat and victory:

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  2. CarloArmato

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    Non-stealth XL190 version. The biggest cons is that legs have been stripped a bit, but it shouldn't be a big issue due to higher speed which will escalate with speed tweak nodes.

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