PIR-A "Umbrella" (4xLAMS, 8xCMG, 1xcERSL, XL170)

Thread in 'PIR-A' started by anamiac, Jun 14, 2018.

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    So, I was looking through the list of mechs to find the one that had three AMS when I discovered that there's now a Piranha with four!

    Now, your role is not that of a typical attack Piranha. Instead, you're to stick to your teams assaults, and keep those pesky LRMs to a minimum. They're your team's aircraft carriers, and you're the destroyer escort. Of course, at the end game, you can run around hitting all the cored components.

    I'm mixing Laser AMS and regular AMS because I'm concerned about heat.
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    With only 2000 AMS ammo and 2xAMS, I'm more concerned about ammo... Still, I don't think I could have been able to pull out something better as an AMS boat.
  3. Looks pretty reasonable for what it brings.

    I would move the MG ammo to the CT and consider trading for a HSL. Very minor changes.

    How does it play? Do you have to toggle the 2xcLAMS often in missile heavy matches or not too bad?
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    I just put together something similar. Honestly, I think 4 laser AMS has a good chance of killing you sometimes. I'd go half and half. Definitely weak offense; you'd have to hang out with the big guys and focus on finishing open components. One good thing is that if you do run out of MG ammo, you can just focus on staying alive, spotting, and shooting down missiles.


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