Pir-A - Most missiles Nomnommed (1000+) tasting club

Thread in 'Piranha' started by Critialerror, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Critialerror

    Critialerror New Member

    Just like the thread in the Kit Fox section, boast about a stupidly large amount of missiles you have eaten with the quad AMS possibilities of the Pir-A. Post a screenshot and preferably a build info of this missile-nomming build.

    Not gonna lie. Putting all these c-LAMS ( all 4 of them ) was sheer lunacy and I will probably not ever do it again as I probably overheated close to 15 times while trying to figure out why L-CTRL was not used to shut off AMS anymore. But hey 1248 missiles being shot down, most of them ATM or MRM as I did not see a dedicated LURM-boat anywhere. ( probably because they all went sleeping with the fishes several updates ago, pun intended ) well, I kinda think that is impressive. If not ludicrously lucky.



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