Casual PHX-R "Birdwatch" (2xML, 2xSRM6, LAMS, AMS, JJ, LE280)

Thread in 'Roc' started by Excalibaard, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Excalibaard

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    I splurged and bought this mech with the best pattern in the game.

    This build was made for aesthetic reasons. I didn't like the LA energy hardpoint look, so I only equipped the 'gun' and the 'wings' with weapons. it's surprisingly effective, having several 400-500 damage matches without skills. You could exchange jumpjets for a heavily quirked single machinegun, which also looks fine (like a hidden knife) but I like the JJ mobility. Dual AMS should stay on the mech IMO, it's what makes it unique and useful in long range situations.

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