Casual ON1-IIC "Blasphemy 2.0" (1xcAC20, 2xcMPL, 3xcATM9, cLTAG, cXL325) + alt (cLBX20, cUAC20)

Thread in 'ON1-IIC' started by CarloArmato, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Short to brawl range peekaboo build. A bit short on ammo and armor, but it compensate it with a huge alpha strike and a bit of versatility in case someone want to get below ATMs minimum range.
    Try to keep your distance and alpha strike / fire weapons accordingly to target size/speed.

    Recommended skill tree:

    ALT: swap AC20 with LBX20. Due to AC20 "duration", LBX20 will provide slightly better DPS and better sync with MPLs, but you won't be able to pinpoint damage at range (and LBX20 and AC20 have the same heat per tap, so pick your poison). Also, drop 2 range nodes for LBX spread nodes:

    ALT: UAC20 version, if your really like to live dangerously and it is actually possible to alpha strike 2 times with double taps without overheating
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