Casual NVA-S "Piranha's stare contester" (6xcSPL, 6xcERuL, 4xMG) + ALT

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Thread in 'Nova Omni Builds' started by CarloArmato, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. CarloArmato

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    Were you wondering if the new heat scale group dedicated to ERuL and uPL would have created a new DPS/pinpoint beast combining SPL and ERuL? If yes, look no further. If not, you are probably gonna hate me with this build

    The instruction manual says:
    Be careful: this mech is big and fragile, plus it is nowhere fast to get closer to those sweet ~150 meters in a couple of seconds. Don't be brave and play safe: wait for the right moment to push and stick with your team to punish whoever tries to eat the tail of your group or the butt of your team's fatties

    ALT 1: make the build asymmetrical if you wish to. In theory shielding with the least equipped side torso could be a nice addition for this build, but in practice you have to face your target your whole time so your most equipped side could be blown off in no time.

    ALT 2: strip some armor and add LAMS for the feel of being useful even if you are not actively fighting. Turn it off when holding down the trigger.
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  2. Is it cool enough to sneak in a TC for laser range/crit and faster targeting info?

  3. CarloArmato

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    I haven't tried it out yet so I can't tell you how much cool it is, but if I remember correctly TC1 does not improve crit chance of LBXs and MGs, so the only true bonus is laser range bonus... Which is very meh considering the range bonus.
  4. Correct, the range is a minor improvement.

    The target information and anti-ecm would be the biggest factors.

    Also about 3% (going from memory) extra crits for 12 lasers may work nicely with MGs if you know where the open armor is.

    Then again, if you are committed to shooting legs/backs regardless, go with the heat sinks for sustained damage.
  5. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier

    UPDATE: overall with the current meta is simply too slow and sluggish to be anywhere usefull, and I'm not that kind of player that wants to wait half match for the proper moment to strike.

    The additional cooling is really worth it: due to the extremely short range running away is not an option, so you must conclude a fight with all the cooling necessary.

    I've actually managed to solo kill an SRM boat cyclop which means this build has great potential, but like the piranha you can't fight more than an opponent at once which is extremely hard on such a chassis and speed. Even with max speed tweak (87 km/h) it feeld too slow to reach optimal range in time.
  6. After a little bit of testing, I agree with the heat sinks.

    With a little bit of patience, I would expect is see a very substantial increase in KDR. This thing confirms kills like nobody's business.

    It is very susceptible to losing an arm or side early if you expose yourself to enemy fire.

    This build is probably best suited for Scouting. Maybe trading half a ton of MG ammo for a LAP.
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  7. Regina Redshift

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    This mech screams dedicated escort, which means adding AMS and active probe. You have the mobility, point-ablity, and firepower to scare those backstabbing SOBs off for good.

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  8. Dagonus

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    The AMS counts towards the 16 weapon cap evidently, so you can't bring 12 lasers, 4 MGs and 1 AMS.
  9. ShooterMcGavin80

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    I enjoy this. It is a unique dedicated point blank DPS knife fighter build. Not useful in all contexts, but if you get into the right situation, you can muuuurder.

    (note, I accidentally posted this build without seeing it was already posted - if mods want they can delete my separate thread)

    My version:

    Suggested skill tree:

    You could go 15% range nodes to try and give your short range weapons a little extra reach, but honestly I think the extra 15 meters is less valuable than the agility and survival trees.

    TC1 is optional; thought is that if you're firing 12 laser weapons, the extra crit chance will help out.

    I'm building this on the Breaker, but can be done on any standard Nova.

    It works nicely:
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