Casual NVA-S(C) "Don't Alpha!" (6xERSL, 6xERML)

Thread in 'Nova Omni Builds' started by Sulfate, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Sulfate

    Sulfate New Member

    After getting the NVA-S(C) like everyone else I tried it in multiple builds and finally found one I really enjoy. You can't Alpha in this as it will do horrid damage to your mech, but your poke is exceptional. Even going up against assaults, most will pull away once a components armor drops from full to dark orange. Is also great for the enemies that like to hold still while shooting ensuring the ERML and if close enough the ERSL vollies are able to focus easily on a component. The JJ's offer good mobility and the natural speed of the mech help to re-position against heavies and assaults. I tossed the C-LAP on to fill up some tonnage.

    Now that I've got it fully skilled I've found a skill loadout that works well for me: Structure

    As for fire order I like to keep 4 weapon groups. 2 6xERML, one to fire all six then another to chain fire if heat is an issue and I do the same for the 6xERSL
    As an an aside, the 6xERML will do 42dmg and the 6xERSL wil do 30dmg, so says Smurfy. Just manage heat.
  2. Philosophical

    Philosophical New Member

    I am totally digging this build, the heat management inst too bad especially with double cool shots. I really enjoy the novas ability to poptart

    I dropped the active probe, and some head and leg armor for an extra heat sink.


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