NTG-JK "Brawlahma Special" (2x UAC10, 4x SRM6+A)

Thread in 'Night Gyr Omni Builds' started by Solahma, Jul 12, 2017.

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    - Heavily into Firepower, picking up all related SRM, Ballistic, and heat gen nodes.
    - Survival entirely down the left side. It's a brawler and you are going to be exposed to take damage. Need every piece of EZ HP you can get.
    - Operations into as much Cool Run as possible. This may or may not be necessary, but my experience is that it runs hot enough to warrant as much Dissipation as possible. So go down the left side to pick up the 4 Cool Run nodes.
    - This leaves enough points for an extra Consumable and not much else (due mainly to the heavy firepower tree investment). I found myself desiring the double-Seismic nodes in almost every match, but I still faired well without. This is definitely a mech that can see a diverse amount of Skill Tree layouts to fit your preference. There are enough weapons to where you will notice a substantial performance difference.

    Fits very well on all counts: ammo, GH optimization, and overall heat efficiency for your damage output.

    The 2x UAC10 are fantastic closing weapons and always perform well on their own, however their largest drawback is when they are jammed. Not to fear! you have a full arsenal of SRMs to make up for it!

    This is easily my favorite brawling clan mech and Night Gyr build. It has won me many 1v1s and has never disappointed. I was scared that the skill tree, engine desync, and recent nerfs to the NTG would kill this build as a brawler and force me back into Gauss+ERPPC ranged builds. It did not. I streamed ~4 matches in it last night and averaged 1k damage and 5 KMDD.

    The thing is a beast.
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    Haven't played it, but this does look pretty beastly for a brawler. Just gotta protect that arm with your double UAC's in it.

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