NTG-D "Destroyah" (4xcLRM15+A, 1xcLPL, cTAG, cAP)

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Thread in 'Night Gyr Omni Builds' started by Blagg Zear, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Blagg Zear

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    LRM60+A is nuts, but the build to go for with the D Variant, if it were me to pilot it. It doesn't have really scary close quarter defense weaponsystem, but at least it has a big WUB for pinpoint.damage. For the first half of the match definitely stick to your mates to get cover from angry scouts. And maybe you can call your mates to get the locks for you (even if they gonna hate you for outing yourself as Missile Boat lol)

    Weapon Groups:
    1. WUB
    2. LRMs (Syncfire)
    3. TAG
    4. LRMs (Chainfire

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  2. Spheroid

    Spheroid Well-Known Member

    You could improve the close defense by using a Jade Kite RT and an A left arm with medium pulse. Its not quite the same though, ALRM55 vs. ALRM60. Still the grouping would be slightly better on one launcher. Deleting one mplas or CAP would give you another ton of ammo.

    This is all theory crafting mind you. I don't own the Gyr.

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  3. Virlutris

    Virlutris Junior Member

    This was almost exactly what I thought of when I considered how I'd LRM-build this variant.

    I like the build. The ClanTech streamfire-LRMs limit the amount of punch, but probably make it trollier when a steady stream of missiles is raining on your mech.

    It's much more fun on paper :(
  4. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    Just an idea to fight of pesky light mechs coming for the LRM boat:

  5. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    As much as i would love to have the JK Omnipod i dont think its worth 7000 MC. This is how use my LRM-70 version, it doesnt seem to have any problems with ammo if you have the skills:

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  6. anamiac

    anamiac Well-Known Member

    Are JJ's that useful on a LRM boat? If not, most of these builds could be done with a ON1-IIC-A, which has a little more flexibility when it comes to engines, ammo and heatsink space.
  7. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    its occasionally useful to leap and fire over a obstacle that would otherwise cause your LRMs to smash into it. To be honest on this build its a bit of a waste but with both Endo and Ferro it has tonnage to spare. Far more usefull for ATMs, try a Huntsman for that!
  8. ShooterMcGavin80

    ShooterMcGavin80 Advanced Member

    As much as I hate LRM's, this does look like a nice build. The Night Gyr suffers from mobility issues, having LRM's makes it a little easier for you to contribute even if you can't get into a good firing position for direct fire weapons.

    edit - confirmed. My first run with this build was over 1k damage. Wow, I feel dirty running a LRM boat. Good at the same time though. And the enemy even had some AMS and ECM cover.
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  9. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    LRMs are really hard to target lock at the moment, try ATMs instead...
  10. Lorgot

    Lorgot Advanced Member

    ATM got nerf rip
  11. Artemis seems to help with getting locks (larger, more forgiving target zone) or if you have direct LOS you are golden to get lock fast.
    *cough, cough* "Get your own locks" *cough, cough* :)

    Even with the nerfs you can still pump out damage with ATMs, just need to get a bit closer.
  12. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    The ATM nerf isnt so bad the mega death zone is smaller but long range damage got buffed.
  13. Yah, area reduced by 20 something percent.
  14. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    <Correction> 25m off min and max range
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  15. Lorgot

    Lorgot Advanced Member

    If you use long, your not very good at the game
  16. ATMs (All launchers.)
    • 3 Damage Range Zone reduced to 245 (from 270)
    • 3 Dmg to 2 Dmg Liner Falloff Zone range reduced to 295 (from 320)
    • Extended Range missile type bracket damage increased to 1.2 damage per missile (from 1.0)
    ATM Design Notes: The core intent of the adaptation of the ATM weapon system in MWO is that it is a missile system designed to reward those that learn how to properly zone themselves from a target to maximize the various damage plateaus before the drop-offs. With the potent 3 damage per-missile zone being a "high risk / high reward" zone that rewards players who learn how to get close enough to hit the 3 damage plateau, but far enough that the opponent doesn't duck into your substantial minimum range. While initially challenging to players upon initial release of the weapon, as the years have gone on, players have adapted to using the weapon to a point where we feel the initially released range brackets does not give us the intended "high risk" that coincides with the +50% per missile damage increase reward. So we will be reducing both the "optimal" range that provides the full 3 damage and the falloff range from 3 damage to 2 damage by 25 meters to require a bit more necessity to zone your opponent to get the maximum damage payout. At this time we are fine with the potential 3 damage per missile damage output of these weapons, but we want this to be a reward that is a bit more challenging to get. While also really rewarding those more agile 'Mechs that learn how to zone their targets with the weapon system.
    For the range bracket that constitutes the "ER Missile" type from the lore, We are boosting the damage by 20%. Because ATMs in MechWarrior Online are a composite of 3 different physical missile types from the lore, some attributes of the weapon have to be tuned to account for the other 2/3rds of the intended weapon properties. We feel that ATMs intended vulnerability to AMS, overall velocity, and lower arcs of fire, while appropriate for the other 2/3rds of the damage brackets, have left the bracket intended to represent the "ER Missile" weapon type a little short-changed. So we want to provide a bit of a raw damage boost to the weapon to account for the other drawbacks at firing at extreme ranges to give a bit more utility to the final range bracket for the weapon.
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