Casual NSR-9FC "Grave Waltz" (2xHPPC 2xAC5 LE335)

Thread in 'NSR-9FC' started by Excalibaard, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Excalibaard

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    Get ready for measures of 3/4 in 36 BPM. Literally a Waltz, at Grave tempo.
    Comparable velocities (1200/1300) make it quite accurate at hitting the intended target despite the wide mounts.

    Downbeat firing HPPC+AC5 together for 20 dmg per arm.
    Two upbeats firing just the AC5s.

    After 3 cooldown cycles of the AC5s (1.67s), they align (almost) perfectly with HPPCs (5s).

    Get an annihilator to dance for you.

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