"Myrmidon" (2xMRM30, 1xPPC, ECM, TC1, 3xJJ, LE290)

Thread in 'HTM-28TR' started by ShooterMcGavin80, Oct 30, 2019.

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    2xMRM30 + 4xML isn't a bad build at all. But I grow a little tired of MRM + ML builds, and seek some variety in life. This thing has moderately decent PPC quirks. 1xPPC instead of 4xML makes you a better midrange poker. I would have liked to do 2xSNPPC, or 1xHPPC, but it really doesn't have the tonnage to make it happen. So 1x standard PPC I think is the best fit. Fully skilled I might change it to an ERPPC. Here we go:

    I've played a few games with it and am pretty happy with the results. Always nice to have a PPC to mess with stealth mechs and ECM mechs. And being able to hit people at 500 meters with a PPC gives you some suppression/intimidation abilities you don't have with 4xML. You become a hybrid midrange poker (out to 500 meters), and also a decent threat at short range. As opposed to the 2xMRM30/4xML build, which really fights best as a short ranger.

    Make full use of that great shield arm!

    Fire groups:
    1. (left click) MRM's
    2. (right click) right arm mounted PPC
    3. chain fire MRM's.

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    Jumpy but a wee bit too hot

    Cooler and more armor, but less jj

    Less armor and no jj, but maximum coolage

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