MechWarrior 5 (eventual) Integration?

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    So, beta dropped and instant play has shown us a quick look at what to expect from the mechlab.

    Better than my initial expectations when the game was announced, not nearly as flexible as the mechlab in MWO for reasons. I'm not sure (and I'm not going through all that text in the various MW5 Discord channels) if the campaign mechlab is going to have more flexibility or not, but here's to hoping.

    Quick rundown for those who haven't (or can't) play the beta;
    Weapons have general classifications now, varied between light/small, medium and heavy/large, and those hardpoint classifications on any particular mech variant are fixed and unchangeable.
    Using an arm off a King Crab as an example, all three standard KGC variants have a "Large Ballistic" hardpoint which can accept your choice of an AC20, or an AC20. Maybe a Gauss rifle but I can't remember because I just use AC20's. Medium ballistic slots accept UAC5, LBX10, LBX10(slug) and maybe standard AC5 while light slots would probably be MGs and maybe AC2's. Forgive the vagueness, I've spent maybe 30 minutes tops in the mechlab so far.

    Anyway, so the point is that there is some degree of flexibility, which gives at least a few different options for builds on mechs. The question is whether there's enough interest in sharing builds for a mostly single player game. I'd totally do it. Aiming this one at Baard, but is it worth a new section with subthreads, or do we just go the route of adding a "MechWarrior 5" tag option when categorizing a build?

    Let's have some thoughts on it!

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