Mechs that can fill a similar AMS support role to the kitfox?

Thread in 'General Discussion' started by LillianNest1, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. LillianNest1

    LillianNest1 New Member

    Looking for mechs that can fill the AMS support role in a similar way to the kitfox (god I wish there was a heavy variant of the kitfox, I really do).omegle xender

    Just being an AMS umbrella is not enough, mechs have to be able to provide firepower in matches where you don't run into LRMS. (looking at you 4ams pirahna) If you guys know any omnipod combinations I've overlooked, or good variants, please let me know!

    The mechs I've found that come close (some successful, some not)

    -Much more mobility means you can put your AMS where it matters
    -extra AMS

    -You dedicate so much tonnage to the AMS and sidestep the things that make the pirahna good to an extent that you're just handicapping your team im non LRM hell matches
    -No ECM

    - Extra AMS
    -Assault level firepower
    -AMS is spread out so you dont lose it all at once

    -Slow mobility means most of the time once you catch up to your team theyve already died to missiles.
    -big size stops you from positioning ahead of your team to get the most value out of AMS
    -The kitfox makes you feel like a team player, helping your buddies, the corsair will teach you that there is no team, there is only death.

    Ice ferret-
    Feels like it gets nothing for what it gives up? you can boat 2ams+ecm but you don't get tonnage, good mounts or anything of real value in return? Let me know if I'm wrong and ill pick one up!
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  2. krevLL

    krevLL Insane Fire Troll

    Was going to suggest Nova, was beaten to punch. Can't think of anything else off the top of my head though.
  3. ShiverMeRivets

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    You got the Corsair backwards - you don’t catch up to your team to protect them, the team comes to you for protection. OK, half the team don’t have the brains to do that and will run off on the nascar path, then complain about the ****ing LRMs on the forums. But offering Iron Dome umbrella is one way to keep some lighter mechs close to your 54 kph whale.

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