Casual MCII-B "Peaky blinder" (4xcUAC5, 2xcHLL, cXL350)

Thread in 'MCII-B' started by CarloArmato, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Beware: full heatgen and / or full coolrun skills are required.
    4xUAC5 will trigger ghost heat, but additional heat is manageale (according to smurphy 1.66 base heat for a single UAC5, +0.4 heat when firing 4 of them).

    UAC5 cooldown is 1.66 seconds, while HLL laser duration is 1.55 seconds.

    The plan is simple: poke with double tap while firing HLL, then move back to cover while double tapping again. If no UAC5 will jam, you will barely scratch heat threshold. If you haven't skilled heat / coolrun, you will overheat for sure if no UAC5 will jam.

    I'm not sure about ammo count: maybe it's possible to drop some ammo in favor of additional speed or cooling.
    Enjoy those (40+32+40) 112 damage per poke.

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