Meme MCII-4 "2k Dreams" (4xcATM12, 2xcMPL, 1xcLTAG, cXL350)

Thread in 'MCII-4' started by Remover of Obstacles, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Revised build

    Original build with more ammo.

    Enough ammo for 2k damage and beyond.

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  2. Budget version with stock engine. Still viable.

    Tag and a bit more armor.
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  3. Hotter, bit less armor and ammo, but double the close quarters defense.

    The mediums do add to the damage in optimum ATM range as well.

    Be warned toasty.

    Probably works better over all. Easier to pop UAVs and not totally gimped against lights in close.
    16 DHS is about the right amount for two clan medium lasers.

    My fault for picking conquest. Didn't have time or speed to catch the last mech.
    Anyway, not bad for 7 minutes. There was one air strike.
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