Loyalty Rewards 2019 - Best Picks?

Thread in 'MechWarrior Online - General Discussion' started by Remover of Obstacles, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Shock

    Shock Patron of the Underdog

    I got Pakhet (good mech) and Bloodlust (just for fun). Still thinking about which Light to get.
  2. ShiverMeRivets

    ShiverMeRivets Well-Known Member

    I have not decided yet on a light mech hero and would welcome an advice.
    The contenders:
    Raven Huginn
    Firestarter Ember
    Urbie K9

    I can’t stomach light mechs under 30 tons and have not even finished skilling a single one of them. The only 30 tonner I have is my Urbie R60L which I absolutely love - but that one feels like a 60 tonner :)

    So, Huginn?
    Quirked SRM4+A with 350m range and -20% cooldown and 4 LMG? Seems like it could be fun and the mech looks so cute! (I don’t have any other Ravens). I recently finished skilling Vulcan Bloodlust, so another SRM bomber?
    I think if any, I should get the ECM Raven for CBills.

    4 lasers and 4 MGs (crazy-quirked as 5 MGs). I don’t have anything similar, closest being Blackjack Arrow. This looks like a good mech, except I never see them in the QP so there must be a reason....
    I know the torso pitch angles are abysmal.
    Visually it is OK - just another humanoid.

    It’s an Urbie so it can’t fail. The police disco lights and siren are super cool :)
    It won’t bring anything new that my R60L can’t do, except for minor changes to the loadout, but the K9 is the best Urbie. If I get this then I’ll change my R60L into AC20 troll build, or AC10 Sniper (+20% range, +20% velocity...)

    So, any advice?
    Cute Huginn, cool K9, or the unique Ember?
  3. Shock

    Shock Patron of the Underdog

    I currently own 9 Urbanmechs so I'm biased. But the K-9 is excellent.

    Ember and Huginn used to be more popular. The Firestarter is very big for a Light mech and there are just better options. Mostly the same goes for the Huginn. I've had good matches with the other Firestarter hero and I think it's very similar to Ember.
  4. I am stuck on which IS medium...

    I only have the Hero Blackjack.

    No Wang, no grid iron... so many other good choices.
  5. ShiverMeRivets

    ShiverMeRivets Well-Known Member

    I decided to get the K9, but the Huginn kept looking at me in a funny way - so, I worked out the following deal:

    K9 can be bought a-la-carte from the heroes pack for 10$. This is enough to qualify me for an IS Medium loyalty reward...
    So I bought the K9, picked the Huginn as the light loyalty reward and now I need to decide on a medium IS hero... :p

    Leading contenders:

    1. Crab Florentine - with its new armor quirks - you thought crabs were difficult to kill before? How about now?...:)

    2. Ghillie - Ballistic+4lasers and ecm. I don’t have anything similar. If I paint it brown it will look like Groot.... Stealth shenanigans?

    3. Kintaro Golden Boy - craziest MPL quirks in the game, armor quirks, and 5 missile hard points. Looks like a good brawler. The problem is that srm+mpl is too common in my medium mechs.

    4. Dervish Frenzy - it is new so I can’t even check it out at the store. You tubers showcased it with 4SRM4+4SRM2 and this looks brutal. I can imagine some stupid things to do with 8 missile hard points...
  6. Ch_R0me

    Ch_R0me Benefactor

    I've took Blood Adder & Frenzy. Gonna check them out, but also I've discovered that I could buy Cipher as well, so I took it. :D

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