Long term use of the Viper?

Thread in 'Viper' started by Aramuside, Jul 29, 2016.

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    Curious for those of us that used it a lot during the tournament whether they planned to keep using Vipers post levelling?

    Its greatest strength seemed to be that blistering pace/JJ in domination mode where I was always the first into the circle often by a long time (stop being cowards other VPR pilots). Its greatest weaknesses were the lack of structure/armour improvements and heat sink shortage.

    Some builds were definitely good for me - the LPL/ERML Viper A and the dual ERLL B (both full quirks). Both weapon loads allowed me to make use the manoeuvrability of the mech and mostly mitigate its weaknesses. For example, its hard to argue with a mech with dual cockpit level cERLLs (optimal of 880m) linked to 8JJ and +35% accel/decal, +25% turn rate/torso turn rate, +10% laser range... moving at 139km. You don't have the ECM of raven 3L's, Cicada 3M's (shadowcats as I've not used them?) but your ability to roam anywhere is incredible. It is a useless brawler though as I found most times I tried though I did manage to get a single kill on a SPL ACH to win the game as he had to keep range on the heavier chasers!

    Brawler and ERPPC loads I couldn't get past the feeling that the Nova could just do them better - 10 SPL or dual ER PPC with better structure and heat quirks. Near the end of he week tier 2 players would just blow the arms off making torso mounted weapon loads much better.

    Anyway just curious if/how people are planning to use theirs in future?

    PS: They are great fun to play despite my mixed comments.

    Edit: This is probably better in the Viper main section where I meant to create it. ;)

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