Kin Wolf - Splaticus, The Mech Slayer (5x C-SRM6+Arti, 1x Flamer, cLAP)

Thread in 'Kin Wolf Builds' started by Vylon1234, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Vylon1234

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    Bull-Rushing, Flank Destroying, Metal Mashing Goodness. 80 Tons of armor + 81kph + 5x SRM6 + Artemis. The Single flamer is there for pressure but can be replaced with a laser. The Gargoyle is not a brawler, as the mech is lacking in much needed armor and structure quirks. This is okay as the Gargoyle really excels as a flanking mech designed to carry lots of small caliber, rapid weaponry (Keep this in mind when you decide on running a Gargoyle). SRMs are a great weapon for this role, and artemis allows the mech to walk the line between flanking and brawling by tightening the clusters for a more focused punch.

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