KFX-C "A giants bestfriend" (3xcSRM4 3xcAMS cECM x4JJ)

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    The general design for this and only purpose is to defend the assault lance the entire game, (And the rest of the team of course but early and mid its for the assaults)

    I've ran this a lot and it bodes well, it has issues against urban mechs but it can still destroy them, there is enough srm ammo and AMS ammo to do an entire match unless its polar highlands, then it can be iffy.

    And even if you lose the match, you personally won't because with AMS and staying in with the assaults if they don't lemming, you will have enough damage and match score to go =

    The skill tree is





    That is pretty much it, you live in the assaults and you die in the assaults. I've stopped a many of assault deaths with me being hyper aware of my surroundings or just being there to pick off the ankle biters.

    Sometimes you will not go = and you will go negative but the important bit is you stayed with the assaults no matter how much glue they ate today and put lrms on their 100 ton mech

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