JVN-11B "Shadow v2" (3xSRM4, 1xRL20, ECM, SA, XL225)

Thread in 'JVN-11B' started by CarloArmato, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Modified version of the Shadow, which was capable of shooting from 18 to 22 alpha strikes.

    With this version, you have lower SRM DPS but way more ammo to spare, from 29 (no skills) to 35 (with max ammo skills) alpha strikes.
    In addition, you have a single 35 damage alfa strike with the RL20, granting you the chance to instakill juicy heavies with a well placed backstab.

    I've tried playing around with the fits to find a better balance between SRM tubes / ammo / speed / slots, but I think this is the version with the most theoretical endurance (both to deal and take, or avoid, damage).

    You can sacrifice the half ton of ammo for a better engine (XL335 for a +5 km/h)
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