JVN-10P "Mini splat stick" (6x SRM2, XL255, 4JJ)

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Thread in 'JVN-10P' started by PyckenZot, May 29, 2017.

  1. PyckenZot

    PyckenZot Benefactor

    ***The build post below is just a placeholder as I think my actual build is slightly different. The gist of the build remains of course.***

    This build is an AMAZING harasser, fast, mobile, and heavy hitting. You play this constantly looking for an opportunity to get in, dump some missiles and get out. Most often you'll be looking for flank raiding / straggler culling in the early to mid drop moments and just run around like a drunken knife thrower in the end stages. I had so much fun playing this little monster that I have a couple of hours of ingame footage. Stay tuned!

    Skill tree link

    ps. DO NOT BRAWL it out once your coolshots are out. You WILL overheat. You are a harasser, play it as such. The coolshots are for those moments where you are forced into a slugfest OR at the endgame.
  2. Mankor

    Mankor New Member

    Very fun build, I was looking for missile vomit build and I found it! Went with an XL 225 - I couldn't get the above build to work. Not enough spots. Have to go with Light FF armor.
  3. HamburgerJung

    HamburgerJung New Member

    very functional

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