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Thread in 'Suggestions, Bugs and Feedback' started by Scott Campbell, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Scott Campbell

    Scott Campbell New Member

    My HLF-1 build has disappeared from the Hellfire section, and I have received no feedback on why. With whom do I discuss this issue? I reviewed the FAQ and thought I hit all the required items...
  2. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    Hi Scott,

    I'm sorry you had this experience.
    I can't find any logs of your HLF-1 thread, so I assume it got swept up in a reset to a recent backup. We're currently looking into the process of getting a new host because we had more problems with it this year in the past.
    Unfortunately, because I can't find a log of your thread, I cannot restore it for you, but if you still have the build you can make a new post for it!

    I hope this answers your issue!

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  3. Shock

    Shock Patron of the Underdog

    I'd like to add that the moderators here won't just delete a post because it doesn't fit the template. Especially for a first time poster, they'll fix it up and let you know what was missing.
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  4. Scott Campbell

    Scott Campbell New Member

    And that is exactly the answer I was hoping for. *some* forums are quite brutal when it comes to new users and the learning curve. I will rework the build (although I found a way to get an XL in the mech, changes it quite a bit) and hopefully I get it done before someone else posts a similar build :p Thanks folks!
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