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    1) I've read somewhere that the heat containment nodes don't actually do anything but it seems to me that they do actually help raise the heat threshold. Do they?

    2) Why does it seem like some 'mechs with larger engines containing more heatsinks actually dissipate heat slower than their smaller engined counterparts? I.e. My HBR-F(L) carries 2xHLL and 4xHML with ECM so no heat quirk. My LBK-RL when carrying the same equipment minus ECM seems to build and retain heat more even though it has an XL390 with 14 heatsinks total. Both 'mechs have identical skills and same number of total heatsinks. This occurs on other chassis as well and really confuses me.

    3) I know people hate the engine desync, but doesn't it make some sense that the electrical systems of all 'mechs may run on a standard voltages, meaning there would be electronic limiters built in to avoid the systems drawing too much and burning themselves out? (Yes, I know some people say the game is a shooter and shouldn't be subject to real physics, but if you look at it as a simulator then some realism makes it a bit more fun and challenging)
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    Yes they do, but the bonus provided is almost useless and negligible at best. The increase in heat threshold doesn't provide any bonus in the long term because it doesn't help with heat dissipation, so that's why it is labeled as a useless skill.

    Sounds weird to me.

    No, because the bigger the engine rating, the greater the power it can output, so the greater would also be the acceleration / deceleration / torso speed etc.
    Alao, on a gameplay aspect, engine desync means mechs with low rating engine won't have issues to track fast brawlers, further decreasing brawler effectiveness and reducing brawl to a "deathball-or-ambush-or-nothing" scenario.

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