Huggin "Dingle-Matic" (1xLRM 15, 1xLRM10, 2x JJ, XL 225)

Thread in 'Huginn' started by freddingles, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. freddingles

    freddingles New Member

    I'm surprised nobody has noticed that the Huggin shoots large lrms in 'batches'. LRM 10 and 15 lauchers are optimal for most missiles fired at once. This was the first non-assault that broke 800 damage in a match for me. It works great for 'direct fire', you can shoot lrms for damage by 'dumb firing' them down range without a lock. it's moderately fast, can take a hit or two, but it's ammunition dependent and needs protection from other lights. But again, my pilot score is getting better.


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