Casual HLF-VO "Hulking Raven" (3xHML, 2xERLL, 1xNARC, MASC, XL-360)

Thread in 'Void' started by ManganMan, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. ManganMan

    ManganMan Benefactor

    Fast as typical Raven (97,2 kph), but with boost (whooping 122,5 kph with MASC active), three HML for self defence and two ERLL's for sniping duty. Using HML's generates less heat than ERLL's.

    NARC launcher allows this build to perform Raven's duties in marking victims for Lurm Rain even better than that mech, despite being a 60 ton Clan Heavy mech, not a 35 ton light IS one.


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