HGN-IIC-Keeper "Shotkilter" (2xcLB10X, 4xcSRM6A, 3xJJ, cXL325)

Thread in 'Keeper' started by ShooterMcGavin80, Apr 23, 2020.

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    Only 5 clan mechs have the hardpoints to run 2xLB10X, 4xSRM6A:

    Ebon Jag (not sustainable)
    Timberwolf (unbuildable)
    MCII-2 (can do it, but you have the giant side torso missile pods and are squishy - not good)
    MAD-IIC-Scorch (could work, but not as typical as 2xLB20X 4xSRM6A)
    And the Keeper:


    Not the best hard points, but great sustainability, awesome DPS, and not bad tankiness/hitboxes for a clan mech. I tried some gauss/ATM, UAC10/ATM, and UAC10/SRM6A builds, but this build is refreshing, allowing you to charge in there rather than try and play the standoff game, and you have very reliable DPS.

    Been skilling it up, and it is pleasing, getting good results for me.
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