HGN-IIC-C "Unbelievable" (2x cUAC10, 3x cMPL, 2x cSRM6+A, 1x JJ, cXL325)

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Thread in 'HGN-IIC-C' started by Joe Bopper, Mar 8, 2017.

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  2. BlueStrat

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    This build deserves a lot more love, particularly now after the C-MPL heat dissipation buff. It should get at least a few stars IMO.

    I just recently bought this 'mech and have been trying to find a good build for me. I love this build. I'm a potato's potato, but I do better (solo-QP PUG) in this while I'm still grinding skill-nodes for it than many other 'mechs I own and play often, including the meta 2xUAC10 2xC-LPL build for this variant I started out with. I run mine with a TC-1 as well as 1xJJ. It's a lot of fun and you can put out a lot of damage before you need to back off and cool down.
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  3. CarloArmato

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    Build is solid, but lacks specialization and brawl is not really viable nowadays. IMHO is best used in solaris.

    UAC10 can be used to apply damage from mid-long to short range, while MPL provides additional precise damage at mid-short range and SRM6 are there if any brawl happens.

    The main issue of this build are hardpoints position (2xUAC10 are quite low), hit boxes and the fact brawl has been nerfed to the ground, so either you have other brawlers in your team, or you will never get close enough to brawl if you try to push alone. For this reason, I really prefer something more "long range-ish" like 2xUAC10 + 2xLPL/2xERPPC, but that's a whole another story.

    Overall, Mad Cat mk II can fit a similar build and achieve similar or identical results even without survival quirks, because it's a lot easier to spread damage on a mad cat compared to Highlander (also, the same applies to my previously mentioned build: mad cat can do 2xUAC10 + 2xLPL/ERPPC too). That's why you don't see Highlanders that often and that's why I've sold almost all of them.
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